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Among the varieties grown by African Blue is the premium variety Arana.  Arana is renowned for its flavour, size and appearance, and it is highly regarded by our global customer base.  Produced by the Costa breeding team using traditional breeding techniques, following years of research and development, Arana is larger than your average blueberry with a firm skin and delicious blueberry flavour.

Other mainstay varieties include Mayra, Kirra and Akala.

Emerging varieties of “Giant”, “Cascade”, “Breeze”,

“Velvet”, “Bounty”, “Promise” & “Delight” from the

Costa program will steadily be planted over the next five years. 


This varietal suite typifies the improvement in fruit quality we look to offer the consumer, with firm, great tasting blueberries.


All our varieties go through a rigorous selection process and are tested in Morocco to ensure each one of our varieties will delight and give a great experience for the consumer.

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